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    I haven't ever really been in this situation. I usually refuse testing, particularly risky ones, for what sounds like the same reasons that you do. Like pp said, there is a 98.5% chance that your baby won't have DS. I personally would opt for the blood test since the marker came back on the u/s (this is your blood and not a risk to the pregnancy right?). That way you would be totally reassured if the test came back negative, and you'd be more prepared if it came back positive. In the end, you should really do what you think will make you most comfortable.
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    I'm so sorry you're going through's so scary even when the odds aren't terrible, any elevated risk sends your brain into disarray.

    I did the materniT21 blood test following a quad screen that showed a 1 in 200 risk (again elevated but not awful odds at all) for Down's syndrome. Not all insurances cover it because it is so new, but some will w/ soft marker/elevated risk noted. My doctor recommended it instead of anything invasive and it was the best decision I made, my results came back a week later showing all normal chromosomes.

    I think Harmony is very similar? Which test has such a high false positive rate? That sounds like the quad to me, these newer blood tests are extremely accurate from what I know about them.
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