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  • Mira Patricia B

    25 43.10%
  • Arwen Patricia B

    28 48.28%
  • Maywen Patricia B

    5 8.62%
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    Which (somewhat unusual-very unusual) girls name?

    Last name is 3 syllables, ends with "ee" sound, and is fairly difficult to pronounce. Also note that we like unusual names, all of these are an acceptable level of popularity to us. (My name is Amity and I love having a highly unusual name) Middle name is a variation of a family name and will probably stay...the only other mn Sarah. Thanks a bunch! P.S. I have tough skin if you want to fire away. Oh, and if you know other "wen" names feel free to suggest away but I know about all the Gwen variations, Anwen, Arianwen, Awena, Bronwen (B names are all out), Ceridwen, Eirwen, Elowen, Mairwen, Merewen, and Rhonwen.
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    I picked Arwen because I think it flows the best with Patricia. I personally like the name Mira the best, but I don't think it flows with Patricia or Sarah very well. Maywen just looks a bit odd to me. Btw, I LOVE the name Amity! I'm glad to see that there's people out there rocking the name
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    Love Mira, but also think Arwen sounds best. The only one I don't really like is Maywen. It has the look of a phonetic spelling of something prettier.

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    Arwen Patricia B. sounds/flows the best. I would normally prefer Mira, but I voted Arwen.

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    I vote mira Patricia, but arwen Sarah. Good luck!

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