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    Sibling Sets For Faith and Zack?

    Hi everyone!

    My sister-in-law is expecting at the end of the year. She's running through a list of names currently for both genders. This is her first pregnancy so she's overly excited and has been wanting to choose the perfect name since she found out about the baby.
    Her top two favorite names are: Faith and Zack (she will most likely pick a longer version of this name if the baby is a boy). I'm just curious on your thoughts about a sibling match set for the names either in a set together or individually. Possible middle names for Faith are Rosamund or Annaliese. Currently unsure of middle name possibilities for Zack. Surname rhymes with antenna. Thanks in advance! Big Hugs!

    Forgot to mention that all suggestions for the names Faith and Zack will be passed onto my sister-in-law as she is planning to have more children and wants to choose a sib set in advance passed on Baby #1's name! Thank you for your suggestions.
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    Well, first of all, I think that Zack and Faith are very cute together on their own. I think theyre short and fresh (especially the spelling of Zack) yet they both have traditional roots. So I think that they work well together. Zack I assume would be Zachary, so I'm going to throw out a middle names I like: Zachary David, Zachary Alexander, Zachary Andrew, Zachary Edward, Zachary Richard. For Fatih, I like: Faith Corinne, Faith Elizabeth, Faith Florence (I know, two F's, but it flows well together), Faith Magdalene. I think with a shorther name like Faith, a longer midldle name balannces it out and makes it sounds better. Rosamund and Annaliese are both beautiful names too.

    Other names that would work well in the sibset, assuming there is both Zack and Faith in the mix? I like names like Morgan, Ellie, Claire, Jamie, Carrie, Lindsey. For boys I like names like Ben, Andrew, Michael, Christopher. Names that are fresh and current, without being trendy. Hope this is what you were looking for!

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