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    Nickname for Margaret Anne

    Hi there! My husband and I have been trying for our first for a while now and I'm hoping it will happen soon. We talk about names occasionally, but it's usually him suggesting Ozzy Osbourne or James Tiberius and me shooting him down! One time he seriously suggested Kurt, Dave, and Krist if we ever had triplets. Like I wouldn't know that's Nirvana!

    Anyway, for a girl I've always thought that Margaret Anne would be at the top of my list. I really like the name Margaret, and it's a family name which is important to me. Anne is also a big time family name. It's my name, my mom's, her aunt's, both of my grandmothers' middles. It's probably used too much, but I've always liked it with Margaret as a middle.

    I would be cool with calling her Margaret. I also like Maggie, but both of my parent's (divorced) have dogs named Maggie right now, so that won't work. I've never been crazy about any of the other traditional Margaret nicknames - Meg, Peggy, Greta, Daisie, Maisie, etc.

    Recently I saw the wedding announcement for a girl I used to babysit. Yeah, I'm old. I always thought her name was just Marlea, which I really liked, but it turns out her full name is Margaret Leigh. And then Jenna Bush had Margaret Laura, nn Mila. Then I saw my MIL's family tree. She had a great-grandmother named Maren. I love that name! So much so that I've been considering using it as a first name. I don't think Anne goes well with it as a middle, so I'd have to think of another one. But what if....

    Would Maren work well as a nickname for Margaret Anne? What do you guys think? Too far a reach?

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    Maren for Margaret Anne? Absolutely! How lovely!
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    Maren for Margaret Anne totally works!
    Or, what about:
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    Pearl [from the meaning]

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    I think Maren for Margaret Anne works just fine! I know a Margaret who goes by Margot, as another option.

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