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    I wish we could just decide! 2 names and a few weeks to go.

    So I have posted a few times before about my name choices and I am annoying myself I realize a lot of people either love or hate these names which is fine. We are still down to two names and I am not sure if just meeting her in a few weeks will make it easier to make our decision. It is nice to be down to 2 names but it is still such a hard decision! The first name is the most important obviously. I am liking them both pretty equally these days! Our daughter is Camille but I am not as concerned about the flow of the sibset.

    Willa Hazel


    Hazel (still unsure of middle name)
    but possibly: Hazel Aster
    Hazel Corinna (Corinna was our 3rd name choice)
    Hazel Adair
    Hazel Helene
    Hazel ????

    Hazel is a family name (which is not really that important to me but a fact), we seem to get better reactions to this name. I do not know anyone who has personally used this name but friends of friends know a couple Hazel's, etc.

    I like that it is vintage-y, nature-y, classic with a modern twist and a little spunky. But the biggest thing holding me back is the fact that it is getting to be much more popular and may only be increasing in popularity especially in the city we live in and in general. It was 48/100 last year and I hear it a lot (maybe bc I am paying more attention) in the community. Before it was popular, it was just a name I really really liked. If it wasn't so popular, I think it would make it easier to decide.

    Willa. I like that it is short, sweet, funky, feminine and vintage-y. It just has a lot of appeal to me. It is much less common and I like that is much more unique which makes it more appealing. I know it's a name that people either like or don't but I think it is a name than will grow on people. I like the literary connection.

    I just don't want to regret it either way and it is so hard to know what is best! Maybe seeing her face will help Thanks for letting me share my process.

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