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    Maren, Laila, or Eira? Middle name?

    We are not finding out the gender of our baby due in September, but we are starting to narrow down our options. We hope to have 2-3 names picked for a boy and a girl, and wait until we meet our little one to decide.

    My favorite name for a girl has lately been Maren, but we're having a hard time with a middle name. Our other top names are Laila and Eira, middle name most likely Grace. What do you think of Maren Grace? Our last name is Irish (O'M) three syllables. My maiden name is Christie, so that was on our list, but I don't like the way it sounds as much. Does it matter?


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    I am so in love with Maren right now! Too bad my dh knew one growing up so he won't budge on it!

    Maren Grace O'M is beautiful and flows nicely.
    Laila Grace is lovely, although it seems overly trendy at the moment
    Eira Grace, also lovely but the most pronunciation issues.

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    Eira is the most unique so I pick this one!

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