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    Delaney is my vote!

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    I would say Nolyn. Though I prefer it for a boy, you have used unisex or boy names on your girls (with strong classics in the middle to balance it out, which I love).
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    *Holland, Dillon and Quinlan - I like this but fear when I say these names outloud they sound matchy. But if you do not mind that then this is not bad.

    Holland, Dillon,and Blakeley- I am not a fan of Blakeley, I feel like it is a made up name or its a nick name you would use for Blake. Plus I think you have better names on your list than this one.

    *Holland, Dillon and Fallon- I knew a Fallon when I was younger. What I kind of like about this sib set is they do not sound matchy but I love how all the names have double L's. Kind of cute for a sister combo a nice way to tie them together. I am one of three and all our names end in an a which I like making the same end sound. I always thought that was cool as a kid.

    Holland, Dillon and Ainsley- I have always likes Ainsley, but I feel it is too feminine with your other children.

    Holland, Dillon and Logan- I like Logan especially paired with a feminine middle name.

    *Holland, Dillon and Delaney- I love Delaney, and I knew a baby named Delaney. And if you do not care about another sibling have the letter D then this is a nice sib set.

    Holland, Dillon and Yardley- I am not a fan of this one either, again I feel like its a made of word IMO. And I do not like how the word Yard is in the name.

    Holland, Dillon and Nolyn - Not bad once again I think if you pick a beautiful middle like your other girls have this could word with the sibs.

    Holland, Dillon and Westyn- I am not a fan of this one in this sib set.

    Good luck! I starred the ones I like best. Nolyn is an honorable star.
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    From your list I like Blakely, Logan, or Yardley. (Yardley is a gp name for me).
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    I really like Logan. It would go great with your other girls. The only other name I like on the list is Blakely. Other names you may like are. Holland, Dillon, and .......

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