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    Mirabelle Josephine (nn Belle) is my favorite!
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    Thank you for all of the opinions so far! Moonblossom, I know it's a bit cutesy but I sort of would love to have an Elle and a Belle. :-)

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    As they are, I prefer Annaliese to Mirabelle, but my first choice with Elodie nn Ellie/Elle would be Mirabel nn Mira.

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    Given the first and middle names you are considering & the name of your other about these examples:

    *Annaliese Maeve & Elodie Anne

    A beautiful pairing...and if you like the 'Anna/Anne' of the fn/mn tie's a nice way to associate the sisters too.

    *Mirabelle Josephine & Elodie Anne

    If you don't prefer the 'Anna/Anne' tie...each of these paired names are distinct enough of the other, but also sound beautiful together as well.

    Good luck!

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