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    I love Margo! Also second Jack and Henry.

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    The first name that came to mind was Olivia. Ella and Olivia? or Ella and Laurel? Ella and Natalie? As for a boy, I agree with the posts above, especially Henry!

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    Mary Margaret (could still go by Maggie)
    Charlotte (Lottie)

    James (Jimmy)
    Herman (Henry) Glenn
    Thomas (Tommy) John

    I don't think there are too many Rs in Margaret Parker. If you count, 4 seems like a lot...but I really think it rolls off the tongue well, and I probably wouldn't have noticed an excess of Rs if you didn't point it out.

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    Thank you all! We just found out the baby will be a boy!

    So I'll be adding Jack, Henry, and Thomas/Tom to our short list, along with the original Charles/Charlie!

    Happy to hear more suggestions if you have them! Thanks again!

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