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    A sib for Ella Jane!

    Hi there,

    Would love help coming up with sibling name options! My daughter's name is Ella Jane (both are family names). We live in the South and use the double name most of the time. Our last name is Parker.

    We tend to like names that are both classic and also jaunty - or else with a fun nickname. We enjoy names that can sound playful on children, but also grow up well (for example, our daughter can drop the double form and go by either "Ella" or the more serious "Jane" when she is an adult.)

    For a girl, we like Margaret (Maggie) but would love more options. Also worried Margaret Parker has too many R's. For a boy, my husband likes Charles (Charlie) - but given jazz great Charlie Parker - I wonder if that's a bad idea? Again, would love more options!

    Thanks so much!!

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    I love Ella Jane. Maggie is adorable others you may like are

    Savannah Grace
    Molly Kate
    Lila Grace

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    Here are some sister combos for Ella Jane's sibling.

    Sadie May
    Cora Pearl
    Tess Marie
    Clara Leigh
    Lucy Wren
    Mia Grace
    Sophie Claire
    Ruby Matilda
    Willa Ruth
    Susanna Joy
    Violet Faith
    Annabel Faye
    Molly Frances
    Audrey Kate
    Nora Faye
    Grace Magnolia
    Daisy Madeleine
    Lila Paige
    Georgia Louise
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    All the best,

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    If Margaret has to many r's, how about Margo/t?

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