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    I like Ada!

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    Another vote for Ada!

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    I LOVE Samara!!
    Mommy to one little prince (Gavin Miller)

    Hoping to TTC #2 sometime in the near future w/ my wonderful fiancé.

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    I am also Jewish and in the Boston area, and I LOVE Samara and am considering it--also Lydia. We have similar taste! I think Ruby is a nice throwback, and I agree it has Jewish connotation in the past without a connection. Although Ada is definitely distinguishable from Ava, Ava is getting SO popular that I wouldn't want to use anything similar. I think Samara is gorgeous, though. Of your choices, I pick that one if the Jewish connection is important to you, and Lydia as a close runner up.

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    Ruby Ruby Ruby all the way!!

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