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    Ada's my top pick for you. FWIW if you didn't know already there is a Lydia in the Christian Bible and I know some Christians who have used the name explicitly for wanting to choose a Christian name. That said, I've also known Jewish Lydias, and it is a lovely name. If you like Liddy do you like Libby? Elizabeth is after all Hebrew in origin, and a longer name would sound nice with your surname. That said, I adore Ada and Ruby and think either could be a great choice for you. If you like Ruby but are worried about popularity and want a Jewish connection, would Ruth nn Ruthie work?

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    Oh, it's unfortunate that you're no longer considering Samara. It's a beautiful name. I think it stands out from your list. Plus, it has a good meaning and connection.

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    Saffron Eleri - Jemima Rose - Cecily Juniper

    Arthur Everest - Felix James - Rowan Evander

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    I like everything, except Ada.
    Ruby is probably my favourite!

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    I like Ruby the best.

    Reuben is a name of Hebrew origin (it also has a biblical variant)... what about the female version Rubena? (pronounced Roux-bee-nah also spelt Rubina)... that way you can also keep Ruby as a nickname but also have the Hebrew name?

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