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Thread: Three Jameses

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    James is a common name, so I don't think it matters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    James is a common name, so I don't think it matters.
    I'm going to agree with southern.maple (for the second time today).
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    Since these are all hypothetical I don't think any of you should worry.
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    Alright. I know that one friend I'll not change his mind as it honors his grandfather who he's named for and is close to. DH is pretty stuck on James.
    But yeah, with all the hypotheticals it could end up totally different.

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    It depends on how you and your friends feel more than anything else. For example, I adored the name Oliver for years. One day a girl from high school (not even a friend of mine - and we live hours away from each other) named her son Oliver. The appeal of the name was shattered. Make sure none of your friends would feel the same way if you were to use the name James.

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