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    I like the combo you have! Anyway, I wanted to suggest Valencia. It's not Italian, but Spanish, so it still has European flair. It means brave and strong. I think it would work both in Italy and the states.

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    Sylvia/Silvia is a Roman/Latin name, so it definitely would work for you
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    Thank you so much for your thoughts! We really liked Viola/Violetta for awhile but thought the whole pronunciation thing between both countries would be tough. I like the not so common English pronunciation vy-la best, and DH likes the Italian vee-o-la version. Valencia is another good one, hadn't though of that, and I do think Vittoria is quite nice. If we tire of V's, Francesca is gorgeous too! Lots of good food for thought. Wanted to have more than one name on the list, so this really helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by viva4pasta View Post
    We just found out we are having a little girl. My husband is Italian and we go to Italy often though we live in the States. We want a name that works in both places, meaning one that is easy to pronounce by both Americans and Italians, and that is still beautiful, feminine and unique. We love names that start with V and prefer Italian versions as it goes with our last name best. The front runner is Viviana Roselyn (middle name is combo if my MIL's name and my mother's name) Please let me know what you think of this name or if you have any other ideas that fit our difficult criteria. Thank you!!
    Italian names are beautiful, and Isabella is one of my favorites. It's so beautiful and feminine.

    How about Isabella Roselyn? That's good for both Americans and Italians and it is a nice pair.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!
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