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Thread: Wdyt of Maywen?

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    Lightbulb Wdyt of Maywen?

    Pronounced MAY-when, a different spelling of Maiwenn (others include Maewen and Maiwen). Interpretations include "St. Mary", beautiful May, and fair leader/princess. Honest opinions (+ or -) appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hmm ive never heard it before, not my favorite but I think I could warm up to it!! I prefer Maren

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    just okay, nothing special.
    if used your spelling is great so a kid doesnt have to spell it or have people struggle to pronounce Maiwenn/Maiwen as Mywen.

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    When I say it, It kind of feels...awkward, like my tongue is swollen. Maybe something like May-Wren, or Maylynn, or Mayella, or Alwen, if you like the May sound or the When sound.

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    Not a huge fan of it, but I do like the very similar Merewen.
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