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Thread: car seat thread

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    I meant to add that I drive a truck so the convertible seats wont really fit rear facing. I think the chicco is fairly light its a little heavier than the one I had for my first but I feel so much safer with it is worth the extra lb. That being said I have had skinny babies so far being in the 40th and 25th percentiles for weight. They ar both tall though and this seat accommodates that 90th for height. I also really love that the shade has a zip down mess extension to let air through.
    ETA: I also almost bought the graco. My mom and I were in a very bad car accident when I was a baby and I was in a graco. Graco used the info from that accident to start reinforcing their seats.
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    We used a Graco snugride. It was a hand-me down from my cousin so I didn't pick it up but it worked pretty well. My babies have also been pretty big with my daughter being off the charts so we move them into convertibles (rear facing) around six months. I loved having the ability to remove whole seat though when they're little babies and sleep all of the time. My SIL has this one and says it very light and easy to carry around.
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