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Thread: car seat thread

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    car seat thread

    My fourth baby is due in November and we are ready for a new infant seat. We were gifted our first baby infant carrier which lasted through our first 3 kids very well but its time for a new one and I don't really know what to get.

    To give you an idea our previous infant carrier was Peg Perego Primo Viaggio. We really liked many things about it, but it was really heavy and it was only rated for up to 22 lbs.

    We have considered forgoing the infant carrier and just using a convertable seat, but I keep thinking that if I had a lighter carrier that I would use it more.

    I want something really light, comfortable, and of coarse safe. I drive a van, so size isn't a huge issue there, but I'm looking for something that isn't going to be a headache to haul around.

    I've been looking at the cybex aton 2, but I'm not sure I want to spend that much. Does anyone out there have this carseat? Its pretty new so there really aren't many reviews. Cybex Aton 2 Infant Car Seat (2013) - Poppy Red: Baby b

    Otherwise, just let me know if you hate or love your car seat and why. I am also looking at the Safety 1st comfy carry elite, but I am a bit worried that it is too cheep (and the asthetics aren't too pleasing). Its worth the extra money to buy something that my baby will be comfortable in, but the pricetag is so tempting.
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    I have the chicco keyfit 30 and I got it based on its safety features. I love it and my little guy is 15 months and still in it rear facing. At this point I just leave the whole thing in the car but it was great when he was little especially newborn because its rated from 5lbs up to 30. Ive been tempted to get a convertible seat but I'm just not ready to switch to forward facing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hootowl;1993580[name
    Ive[/name] been tempted to get a convertible seat but I'm just not ready to switch to forward facing.

    We have 3 convertible seats that go rear or forward facing. In fact, I think that is why they are called convertible. I have looked a lot at the chicco keyfit. I think it is a bit lighter than the primmo viaggo, but not quite as light as the safety first. It seems like a nice seat so I might end up with it. My problem is that I have quite big babies. My first son was 105 percentile and 22 lbs by the time he was 6 months old.

    I guess I am looking for the comfort of a heavier seat without the comfort.
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    I meant to add that I drive a truck so the convertible seats wont really fit rear facing. I think the chicco is fairly light its a little heavier than the one I had for my first but I feel so much safer with it is worth the extra lb. That being said I have had skinny babies so far being in the 40th and 25th percentiles for weight. They ar both tall though and this seat accommodates that 90th for height. I also really love that the shade has a zip down mess extension to let air through.
    ETA: I also almost bought the graco. My mom and I were in a very bad car accident when I was a baby and I was in a graco. Graco used the info from that accident to start reinforcing their seats.
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    I have the Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air and I really like it. We got it based on its safety features, and honestly kind f forgot to think about anything else, but it worked out well. The worst thing about it is the shade, which isn't too big a deal, it just feels like an afterthought. It's for 4-35 lbs and up to 32 inches. It's very light and the stroller system for it is pretty great, too.
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