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    Boy names meaning "guided"

    We're looking for a boy name that means "guided" or "directed" or something similar. No amount of thesaurus and baby name site searching is bringing up anything and we're at a loss.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    This was hard for some reason so I resorted to word names at the end.

    Kannan -- friend, guide
    Rashid -- rightly guided
    Marshal -- It's a word that can mean "to guide"
    Shepherd -- as in "to shepherd" someone somewhere
    Usher -- same as Shepherd -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Some of these might be a bit of a stretch, but I'm giving it a go!

    Ezra - helper
    Eleazer - helped by God
    Ira - watchful
    Moran - teacher, guide
    Seth - appointed
    Guy - a guide, a leader
    Hagan - chosen descendant (a little too Hulk Hogan though...)
    Konrad - wise counsel
    Cosmo - universe, order, harmony
    Anselm - divine protection *
    Barnaby - son of exhortation
    Elio - chosen
    Conan - wisdom, counsel, strength
    Vinay - guidance, humility
    Mahdi - guided one *
    Rashid - rightly guided *
    Tancred - thought and counsel
    Rhett - advice, counsel
    Aydin - enlightened
    Aaron - mountain of strength, enlightened
    Moriel - God is my guide
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    From the following my favs are:
    Keyon, Alo, Noha, Wyatt, Mahdy, Liam (which is pretty trendy so its last)

    Guy - Names of Baby - Baby Name & Meaning like GUIDE , Page 4 - In Teutonic, the name Guy means A name derived from the Hebrew 'goy', meaning Gentile. Also a colloquial term used to refer to a man. In American, the name Guy means From the Old German name Wido, meaning wood. Famous bearer. In Latin, the name Guy means Guide. In Hebrew, the name Guy means Life. In French, the name Guy means Sensible. In Celtic, the name Guy means Valley. In English, the name Guy means warrior. In German, the name Guy means warrior

    Guide names - Guide baby names

    Carson ... legendary Missouri frontiersman Kit Carson (19th century) was a scout and guide in the exploration of the West as well as an important factor in the Mexican War ... [5]
    Chaplin ... and has come to mean something like the spiritual guide of a secular organization ... [3]
    Guy ... or from the French "guie", meaning "guide; leader" ... [1]
    Hadi ... "Rightly guide."
    Mentor ... "Wise and trusted guide." ...

    Names of Baby - Baby Name & Meaning like GUIDE , Page 4

    Alo : In Native American, the name Alo means Spiritual guide
    Daleel : In Muslim, the name Daleel means Conductor. Guide
    Giah :In Biblical, the name Giah means To guide, draw out, produce, a groan or sigh
    Noha : In Biblical, the name Noha means Rest, a guide
    Wiatt : In English, the name Wiatt means Guide. In French, the name Wiatt means Guide
    Wissian : In Anglo-Saxon, the name Wissian means Guide

    Names of Baby - Baby Boy Name & Meaning like GUIDED , Page 1

    Abd al Rashid : In Arabic, the name Abd al Rashid means Servant of the Rightly Guided
    Abdul Rasheed
    Abdul Rashid
    Arshad : In Hindi, the name Arshad means Devoted, true. In Muslim, the name Arshad means Most honest, Better guided
    Mahdi : In Muslim, the name Mahdi means Guided to the right path
    Mahdy : In Muslim, the name Mahdy means Guided to the right path
    Muhtadee : In Muslim, the name Muhtadee means Rightly guided
    Rasheed : In Arabic, the name Rasheed means Rightly guided. Having the true Faith. Pious. In American, the name Rasheed means Thinker; counselor. In Muslim, the name Rasheed means Thinker; counselor
    Rashid : In Muslim, the name Rashid means Integrity. In Arabic, the name Rashid means Rightly guided. Having the true Faith. Pious

    Protected by God - Names Meaning Protected by God
    Baltasar - German
    Esmond/Esmund/Estmund - English
    Kamukama - Runyankore
    Mahfooz - Muslim, also means safe

    Protection Names - Protection names - Protection baby names (boys)
    Aegeus ... "Protection." ... [2]
    Eder ... Biblical: the tower of Eder near Hebron was built as a watchtower for the protection of shepherds' flocks ...
    Egmont ... "Fearsome protection." [1]
    Faramond ... "Traveler's protection." ... [5]
    Garrison ... "Spear-fortified town; protection, stronghold." ... [1]
    Guillaume ... "Will helmet, protection." ... [6]
    Isam ... "Protection, security."
    Liam ... "Will helmet, protection." ... [1]
    Osman ... "God's protection." ... [7]
    Schuyler ... "Scholar, protection." ... [7]
    Thormond ... "Thor's protection." ... [3]
    Thurman ... "Thor's protection." ... [1]
    William ... "Will helmet, protection." ... [34]

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