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    Quote Originally Posted by renatacata View Post
    We were set for these 2 names:

    twin a) Harper Elizabeth
    twin b) Frances Finley

    Now I am of course rethinking ... maybe that's common the closer one gets to delivery.

    The F name is for my mother, and there are not many F names that we like/ love
    Frances. Francine (my moms name) and Fiona seem to be on the top of the list.

    My husband likes both names as is- but I am leaning toward Fiona vs. Frances.

    I like Harper & Fiona vs. Harper & Frances. Thoughts?

    Middle name for Fiona?

    I know Harper has haters and lovers... but I think that name is staying. I have loved it for years, granted
    it's very trendy right now

    Thanks for your input!!!
    I love the sound of Harper and Fiona... Would you consider switching it up? What about Harper Frances and Fiona Elizabeth?
    *gina danielle*

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    I'm obviously in the minority, but I was pleasantly surprised at the pairing of Harper & Frances. True, Frances is not modern or trendy but I don't think those are the reasons you love Harper.

    Fiona, Frances & Harper were all on the list for my first daughter, so I really don't think you can go wrong! If you liked Frances Finely, do you like Fiona Frances?

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    I love Harper Elizabeth! I personally would prefer Francine over Frances or Fiona. I love the nn's Cici or Francie for Francine. I'd only use Frances as a mn if it is a must. Finley Frances or Francine Finley are so much cuter....and Harper and Finley or Harper and Francine are both adorable twin sets!

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    Great ideas!!!

    I do like Fiona Rose.... I love the lists thank you!!!!

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    I prefer Fiona paired with Harper as well. Frances seems a bit old fashioned compared to the trendy Harper (which is a name I love as well... if our close friends didn't recently name their baby Harper, it would be at the top of our list!) Best of luck!!
    Soon to be mama of FIVE ... first baby GIRL due Christmas 2013
    Mom to Ryan Parker, Cameron Troy, Mason Spencer & Graydan Gene

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