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    Fraternal Twin Girls names

    We were set for these 2 names:

    twin a) Harper Elizabeth
    twin b) Frances Finley

    Now I am of course rethinking ... maybe that's common the closer one gets to delivery.

    The F name is for my mother, and there are not many F names that we like/ love
    Frances. Francine (my moms name) and Fiona seem to be on the top of the list.

    My husband likes both names as is- but I am leaning toward Fiona vs. Frances.

    I like Harper & Fiona vs. Harper & Frances. Thoughts?

    Middle name for Fiona?

    I know Harper has haters and lovers... but I think that name is staying. I have loved it for years, granted
    it's very trendy right now

    Thanks for your input!!!

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    I think I would agree with you on that one.

    Are there any family names you'd like to use as a middle, or are you just looking for something you love?

    Fiona Rae was the first combo that came to mind for me.

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    Francesca, Finola, and Farrah are great F names.

    Fiona Sinead would be my mn pick.

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    I prefer Harper and Fiona, as Frances doesn't pair well with the modern, trendy Harper.

    What are you looking for in a middle? Do you want to honor anyone/anything, or is there a theme you'd like to have?

    Classic names like Harper's middle, Elizabeth:

    Fiona Charlotte
    Fiona Louise
    Fiona Grace
    Fiona Rose
    Fiona Claire
    Fiona Jane
    Fiona Catherine

    Names that have are Biblical, like Elizabeth:

    Fiona Ruth
    Fiona Mary
    Fiona Magdelene
    Fiona Tamar
    Fiona Lilith
    Fiona Miriam
    Fiona Rebecca
    Fiona Rachel

    Names that are variations of Elizabeth:

    Fiona Betty
    Fiona Lilibet
    Fiona Liesel
    Fiona Lisa
    Fiona Zabel
    Fiona Bess
    Fiona Liisu
    Fiona Babette
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