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Thread: Milo!

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    This one snuck up on me recently. I've been overlooking it all these years and all of sudden I can't get enough of Milo. What do you think?

    DS is Ezra Flynn. How do brothers Ezra and Milo sound?? Future girl names are Genevieve and Annabelle - is that sibset just insane or does it work?

    What are your favorite combos with Milo?

    You Berries always have such great feedback! TIA!

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    I love Milo, it has a rich history of use and cross cultural appeal. I think Ezra and Milo make a charming vintage pair. Ezra, Milo, Genevieve and Annabelle are a swoonworthy sibset, imo. Ezra Flynn is a gorgeous name.

    Milo Charles
    Milo Bennett
    Milo James
    Milo Jude
    Milo Ray
    Milo Rhys
    Milo Thomas
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    Love the suggestion of Milo Bennett! Adding that one to the list.

    Any other suggestions?

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    I am loving the name Milo as well. It seems to slip under the radar for popularity but is so adorable.

    Milo Patrick
    Milo Jeffery
    Milo Julian
    Milo Sebastien

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    I like Milo a lot, I think it goes nicely with Ezra as well as the girl names you like.


    Milo Everett
    Milo Elliott
    Milo Beckett
    Milo Beck
    Milo Penn
    Milo Trace
    Milo Zane
    Milo Teague
    Milo Dashiell
    Milo Vincent
    Milo Vaughn

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