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Thread: Milo!

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    So many great suggestions! Digging Sebastian, Everett and Beck/Beckett

    Any more?

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    Also - do you berries think Milo ages well?

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    I'm so glad you like Milo Bennett. I think Milo ages well, it is a Saint's name and the name of an ancient Greek wrestler, with literary connections (Catch 22) making it a substantial choice.

    Sorry for any repeats:
    Milo Archer
    Milo Asher
    Milo Atlas
    Milo August
    Milo Brooks
    Milo Calvin
    Milo Colin
    Milo Cruz
    Milo Declan
    Milo Dexter
    Milo Edward
    Milo Emmett
    Milo Felix
    Milo Gabriel
    Milo Gray/Grey
    Milo Harrison/Harris
    Milo Henry
    Milo Jasper
    Milo Julian
    Milo Levi
    Milo Nathaniel
    Milo Peregrine
    Milo Phineas
    Milo Preston
    Milo Quincy
    Milo Quinlan/Quinton
    Milo Reed
    Milo Russell
    Milo Theodore
    Milo Tristan
    Milo Valentin
    Milo Walker
    Milo Walter
    Milo Xavier
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    I adore Milo! It's one of my top choices if we have a boy. My husband says it's a pet's name but he's starting to come around to the idea of Miles and I can nickname him Milo. I think it ages well; in fact, my best friend currently lives in Australia and one of her best friends is a very athletic, good-looking guy named Milo and it fits him very well.
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    Thank you all! Some of the negative feedback Ive had from others relates to it being a popular drink in Australia. I'm in the US, but I'm glad to see its not totally ruined in Australia!

    I didn't realize it was a Saints name. Can anyone point me in the direction of his story? Google seems vague.

    Here is our list for Milo (your suggestions included, in no particular order):

    Milo Jasper
    Milo Clancy
    Milo Roux
    Milo Reed
    Milo Sebastian
    Milo Beck
    Milo Felix
    Milo Grey

    Do any of them stand out to you? We don't use family names so none of them are of particular importance.

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