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    Congratulations! I LOVE Charlotte and Eleanor together. Lotte and Ellie are so cute! I tried to find a mix of classic and vintage names to fit with Charlotte's style.

    Amelia (Millie)
    Beatrice (Bea)
    Eliza (Ellie)
    Florence/ Flora (Florrie, Flossie)
    Evangeline (Evie)
    Felicity (Flick/a, Flossie)
    Genevieve (Evie, Viv, Gigi, Neve)
    Georgia (Gigi, Gia)
    Josephine (Josie,Posy, Effie)
    Julia (Jules)
    Louisa (Lulu)
    Matilda (Millie, Tillie, Tilda)
    Miranda (Mira, Minnie)
    Penelope (Penny, Nell, Poppy)
    Phoebe (Bea?)
    Rose/Rosalie (Rosie)
    Susannah (Sunny, Sosie, Sanna, Suki, Zuzu)
    Vivian/Vivienne (Viv)
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    I think Milo and Finn is a perfect pair! I adore Charlotte, but Seraphina is not my style. I would go with Charlotte and Sadie.

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    I think I would move Charlotte to the middle position with something like:

    Seraphina Charlotte and Portia Vivienne. I just pulled Vivienne out of the air, I know, but it captured a bit of the well-known and on-style element of Charlotte and I like the pairing of two formal but obscure firsts with French, girly middles.

    To me, Charlotte up front would call for a sister with similar levels of widespread use. Something in the Top Hundred? Charlotte and Zoe is therefore the pairing that makes the most sense to me of your girls' names. Portia Zoe is actually very cute too, why did I bring up Vivienne?

    For the boys, Milo and Finn works, but I love Miles more than Milo. And I adore Ezra.

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    boys: Milo and Finn - both super trendy and since you didnt mention sentimental value, id go with Ezra, which is popular but not trendy

    girls: Charlotte and Seraphina (nn Lotte and Sadie) - Seraphina is so overly sweet, just plain Charlotte and Sadie seem to fit better together & exude the same vibe & charm.

    Jack - better than the overly classic James, perhaps consider Jackson

    Portia (nn Polly) - way to new world to miz with Charlotte, Polly however leads to Pollyanna = Hannah, as well as Molly; both better choices
    Zoe - need something with more weight to match Charlotte, Zoe is too quirky and quite nicknamey
    Eleanor - fits well with Charlotte's elegant vibe, plus you get Ellie/Nora
    Catalina - the different 'C' sounds dont combat with Charlotte and you could go with Lotte & Lina
    Corrine - same as above! Lotte & Cora/Rin/Rini

    Joseph, Graham - love Graham, even more after Jackson, but think its a bad middle for a last name ending in the rhymey 'man'
    Rose, Wren - Wren is getting trendy but sweet for a middle name, couldnt be used after Corrine

    Ezra Joseph -Man
    Jackson Graham -Man


    Charlotte Rose -Man
    Eleanor Wren -Man

    think Corrine deserves a chance, but as i said youd have to switch Wren to Charlotte if you keep it as a middle. none of your other first name picks seem to work as middles, they are too flowery and compete when intermixed. they need more simple middles.

    ps where do you get your nicknames from? ive seen other people do this and am just curious - why not just go ahead and use the nicknames?
    Polly & Sadie are so far away from the roots they may share with Portia and Seraphina, Portia and Polly seem to have none while Seraphina and Sarah are both Hebrew, but have completely different meanings and are from different words.

    in these cases i think going with a more similar name or the nickname all together seems like a better choice instead of people scratching their at how sharing the same first letter makes a nickname viable.

    its like people actually love the nickname more than the full name but arent brave enough to just use it. sometimes it doesnt work if its too quip or the vibe doesnt fit like Zoe in this case, but Sadie has enough olden charm to stand on her own.

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    What about Charlotte and Seraphine, they fit a little better in my mind and in fact...both are on my list!

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