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    Great list, mclola! Thank you! I'm particularly interested in Aeredin and Suthen. I've never heard those before. I think I'll research them. Thanks again!

    whitefeather01, Lincoln, and Sebastian are a couple of my favorites too. Caledon is different. It's going on the list! Thanks!

    lexiem, Imogen and Helen! I love those two as sister names. And I'm loving Odin and Oberon too. Thank you!

    shvibziks, my baby girl's name is Arwen Elizabeth. ^_^ I just love it! I love Eowyn too, but I'm afraid people might really think me a humongous nerd if I had two children with LOTR names. lol Darn! Victarion and Aurelien are catching my eye on your boy list. Thank you!
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