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    When I think of Wilder on a boy, I of it as a member of the testosterone-driven, bad-boy set. His brothers are probably named Striker and Ace. Not my style at all, but I suppose I see the appeal.

    I'd never even considered it for a girl until I read your post. My first reaction was puzzlement, then I came to the conclusion that her mother 'must' be a Little House fan. I love literary namesakes, but all in all, I think she'd likely be better off named Laura.

    I think it's going to be a rare girl that will be able to pull off (or alternately, be at peace with) being named Wilder. For me, as I said above, celebrates the untamed physicality that our society values most in males. Add to that the promiscuous connotations of a 'wild' teenage girl that Mischa discusses, and the name loses all possible appeal for me. I can conjure up a vision of a girl that the name works for--a smart, confident, outgoing, take-no-nonsense girl with a penchant for daring sports challenges. But I can also envision a more introverted teen cringing every time a boy asks just how 'wild' she is. It's not a path I'd want to send someone down.
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