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    I actually really like Wilder for a girl! Like previous posters have said, it reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Oscar Wilde... So, a great literary name! It'd probably stay a GP though because I don't know if I'd be brave enough to actually use it....
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    I LOVE Wilder on a girl! It's on my list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sabrinafair View Post
    I LOVE Wilder on a girl! It's on my list.
    Exactly this .
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    I love Wilder, on both girls and boys. They way you described the little girl, it seems like Wilder is a perfect name for her. Love the literary ties and the word-name sound.
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    Just a word of caution to those of you who think that the name Wilder would be cool for a girl just because of the literary ties. Please remember that "Wilder" is also a word with many meanings: "to lose one's way", "to wander". "to lead astray", "to bewilder" etc... There is a certain reckless, frenzied, uninhibited, unrestrained and somewhat promiscuous connotation with the term that could prove embarrassing for a daughter. Looking at some of the synonyms of wilder would make me pause. We all are aware that boys can get away with far more "wilder" behaviour than girls ever could and they are not saddled with derogatory terms. Boys are "studs" while women are "s**ts". Unfortunately, the world hasn't changed very much on that subject. Just something to think about before making your final decision.
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