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    I met a little girl today...

    I'm a nanny for two children, 7 and 4, we go on "daily adventures" to different places to keep ourselves busy. Today, we decided that our adventure would be to treat ourselves to lunch at a local sandwich shop. While we were there we met the most outgoing and articulate two year old girl. She had blonde ringlets, wide blue eyes, and and even wider gap-toothed grin. After much talking with her (she sat next to us) we found out that her name was Wilder.

    What are your thoughts on the name Wilder?

    I find myself liking the name more and more every time I think about it. I have come to the conclusion that I prefer it for a boy, though.

    What do y'all think?

    sidenote: I live in the US. I'm not sure about its popularity else where, but in my little southern city, I've never heard it used before.
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    I prefer it for a boy and in the middle spot. I would be afraid that the name would be like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Is he a wild child?
    No, he's even wilder!!!!
    All the best,

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    I know two -- Alexander Wilder (my age, 20s), Wilder Hawthorne (18ish). Both are balanced, well-mannered guys. Alex is a musician and Wilder is a cop.

    Neither one of them had problems with their names, but from what I've gathered, Wilder was a bit rambunctious when he was younger. I think it's actually a very cool name and with a balanced middle name to fall back on, it could work great. On a girl, it seems weird, but I can't say it doesn't work as it is just a word. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I grew up with a girl named Willie and knew of one called Wylie. I also know an older woman whose name is Wylda. Wilder seems like the sophisticate version of these - and, hey, it's on trend as an author surname (Laura Ingalls Wilder)!

    I prefer it on a boy, too. I like it. I think I like similar sounding names like Thatcher better, but Wilder is neat.
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    I really like it -- for a boy. It's so handsome. I would pronounce it Will-dur. :-)

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