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    Middle Name for Serena

    Any ideas would be appreciated. Some names I like include Talia, Chiara and Clara. If it matters we'll be encouraging Serena to be pronounced Seh-reh-nah not Ser-reen-ah.


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    Serena is a beautiful name and I like the pronunciation you are going for! I think it would be best to avoid a middle name that ends with "a". Also, a one-syllable name will likely flow best.

    How about:
    Serena Claire
    Serena Blythe
    Serena Mae
    Serena Violet
    Serena Lee
    Serena Kate
    Serena Willow

    Hope that helps!
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    When I was in middle school, I had to take home one of those robot babies for a grade and I named her Serena Elizabeth. But I pronounced her name Seh-reen-ah. I adore both pronunciations. Serena is lovely.

    Serena Beatrice
    Serena Mary
    Serena Jane
    Serena Marlene
    Serena Frances
    Serena Rosalind
    Serena Amity
    Serena Mabel
    Serena Isabel
    Serena Helen

    Good luck!
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