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    Middle name for Heidi

    I'm looking for a really flowery, elaborate middle name for Heidi; something that will dress it up, like Heidi Magnolia. Any suggestions?

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    Heidi Magnolia is really nice.

    As for other suggestions..

    Heidi Lavender
    Heidi Lilac
    Heidi Bluebell
    Heidi Heather
    Heidi Meadow (not exactly a flower, but still brings up a floral image)
    Heidi Bryony (or it can also be spelled Briony - it is type of still not really floral...but nature-esque)
    Heidi Jasmine
    Heidi Rose (though Rose is a bit of a filler middle name)
    Heidi Tulip
    Heidi Azalea
    Heidi Marigold
    Heidi Daffodil
    Heidi Juniper
    Heidi Orchid
    Heidi Primrose
    Heidi Amaryllis
    Heidi Gardenia
    Heidi Zinnia

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    I really like the suggestion of Heidi Primrose!

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    Hmm, how about...
    Heidi Mariella
    Heidi Luciana
    Heidi Mirabel
    Heidi Amabel
    Heidi Aurora
    Heidi Seraphina
    Heidi Isadora

    I really like the sound of Heidi Isadora, actually. The shared D sound is kind of nice.
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