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Thread: FN/MN Combos?

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    FN/MN Combos?


    My boyfriend and I were playing around with names we like (no, we are NOT expecting, I'm only 17 lol, we're just planning for what might happen), and these were our top 10. I was wondering which name was your favourite, and what middle names you can suggest for each of the 10 names? Thank you! If it helps, my boyfriend's last name starts with a T, and if/when we have kids together, they would take his last name.

    1. » Isabelle
    2. » Martha
    3. » Connie
    4. » Josie
    5. » Kathleen
    6. » Emmeline
    7. » Agatha
    8. » Margot
    9. » Ottilie
    10. » Celeste

    Some are really weird, and it's probably shocking that they're not the names my classmates have used to name their children (I know 5 girls my age with kids, the kids' names are Brooke, Addisyn, Alexis, Bentley, & Bandit.....)

    Thank you!

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