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Thread: Rose siblings

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    Rose siblings

    In need of opinions!

    Rose is already a set name for our girl. Our problem is we like classic boy names, and each one we like seems to have a connection with Rose.

    Our top interest right now is Jack. But I just feel like the Titanic reference is strange if we only have two children. That'd be weird, right?

    So I've been looking for other choices and recently have noticed Charles, nn Charlie. But Rose and Charlie reminds me of Charlie Rose, the PBS talk show host. Am I being too picky, or am I right to feel these pairings would be weird? Or do you not even notice? Also, which is worse? Haha! I need your opinions and/or suggestions! Thank you!!

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    I think if you name two children Rose and Jack, you will have those who remember Titanic who might bring it up. Rose and John (Rosie and Jack) may not be as noticeable if you plan you little rose to be Rosie. I don't think I would have thought of Charlie Rose immediately but Charlie and Rosie, not so much.
    These are both very traditional boys names, so wander through those for a while.

    With Rose, I like James (Jamie), William, Albert (Albie), Owen, Frederick (Freddie or Fritz), and Leon/Leo.

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    I like @Bonnielyn suggestions.
    I would have suggested George but with Prince George I see this classic name sky-rocketing in the next few years.

    Other suggestions: Andrew, Theodore, and Jackson.

    You could also consider lengthening Rose to Rosalie, Rosemary, Rosamund (nn Rose) and Jack to Jackson or Jonathan (nn Jack).
    I feel like that makes it less Titanic at least on paper.
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    I have a Jackson and am considering Rose for my future little girl.... The Titanic connection never crossed my mind...though I also have a Luke and Delaney. I would go with Rose and Jackson. But I am a huge love of Charlie as well. Rose and Charlie are adorable!

    Try not to over-think the connection too much!!

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    I think you're over analyzing. Those connections wouldn't cross my mind, and even if they did, I would just think it was a coincidence.
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