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    So, George is out now...

    We had been seriously considering using George if our baby is a boy. Now that the little prince is George, we definitely don't want to use it, especially because I'm due in a couple weeks and people will, I'm sure, still be buzzing about that. The rest of our list is below, Timothy and Charles being our top two at the moment. Opinions? Please keep in mind that older brothers will be Francis "Frankie", Henry "Huck" and Philip "Flip". We have a few middle name options that will depend on which first name we choose, but we're thinking about Lyle, Florian and Alexei.

    Timothy "Otter" (I know the nickname is a stretch, but we love both names)
    Charles "Chaz"
    Winston "Win"
    August "Gus"
    Patrick "Paddy"
    Francis Grover
    Henry Linus
    Philip Judah
    Charles Florian 8/1/13

    [Frankie, Huck, Flip & Chaz]

    Other favorites...
    Sylvia Maeve (Sylvie), Louisa, Elisa
    George, Timothy (Otter), Winston, August (Gus)

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    My instinct with the other siblings' names is Charles, but honestly any of your choices do work.
    As far as nicknames, though, I like Otter and Paddy best with Frankie, Huck and Flip.
    Totally objectively, not considering the other children's names (since they are, in the end, individuals and not a "set"), my favorites are August and Patrick.
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    I will comment again since I commented on the other thread. I love the middles by the way. I am not sure which middle goes with what name or what you were planning but I like:
    August- I am just a lover of this name. And I feel any of the middle names you have will make it a swoon worthy combo.

    Timothy- I do not think any nick name is far fetch IMO. I kind of like Otter or even Otto. And Timothy is a strong solid name.

    Charles "Chaz"- This one would be last. I really dislike the nn Chaz it is up there with Brad for me. It just makes me cringe but that is just my opinion. And I just like Timothy and August better.
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    I vote for Charles or Timothy! And, no I don't think that Otter is too far a stretch for the name Timothy. Many of the nickname's people call me have absolutely nothing to do with my name, you can nickname your child whatever you choose.

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    I'm so sad that George was the name. And ITA that if you don't want that association you should just look elsewhere - unless you were super attached, in which case, I'm sure people would forget about it after a while, and since it was on your list earlier...

    I LOVE your other boys' names. THey are adorable. My favorite of your list is Patrick, I adore that name. And so cute. I also love love LOVE the NN Gus, but August seems more formal than your other boys' full names somehow. Charles/Chaz would be cute too.

    I love all the names. Seriously. We had many of them on our list --

    Plus, if you are still open to new ones, Isaac nn Ike.

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