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Thread: Andrew

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    Question Andrew

    If we have a little boy we are considering the name Andrew. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on it!
    Here are mine, but I'm having a hard time nailing down how I really feel about it.

    My husband's 5th great grandfather who was the first to come to America was named Andrew.
    It is my husband's middle name.
    I love traditional, classic, strong male names.
    I like the nick name Drew.
    It sounds great with our last name.

    I worry that it's too common, like "John" or something.
    I worry that it's too plain/boring.

    Thanks for the advice!

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    Use it. Andrew is a great name choice. Especially since it has such family significance to you.
    Plus, Drew is a great nickname! Andy would be the more common name choice.
    I do know many Andrews...but none that go by Andrew, or Drew...most of them use an initial name...AJ, AT, AC, ect....
    However, Anders, Evander, Andre, Drew, Andrik, Ander, Andy, Andrey, Anderson, Antero, Druex, Adem, Mandrew, and Ondre, and Tandie are some name variations you may prefer?

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    I do love Andrew. It's traditional, strong, and will never seem old. However, I get where you're coming from... I myself am torn between Benjamin (after my late grandpa), and Soren (a cultural name that is just... well, more unique). In the end, you have to decide what is most important in a name for you (sound, family history, uniqueness, etc.). I do love Anders, which might be a more unique, contemporary take on Andrew.
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    I think Andrew is a fine name but it evokes a feeling of the 1990's to me as opposed to a classic feel.

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    It's a good, strong classic name. I don't think it is too common. I've only known 2. It's definitely not as common as John, Henry, or James, at least where I'm from.

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