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    Sorry, and a question - what was your nn for George going to be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by caitypete View Post
    Sorry, and a question - what was your nn for George going to be?
    We were probably going to call him Geo (gee-oh). I've always loved the nn but never wanted to use Giovanni (or something similar), so when I realized it could potentially work for George I was so excited! We weren't completely sold on it, though, so I'm not too devastated.

    I had the same concern about August... It just didn't seem to fit (though Gus fit perfectly!). I had thought of Isaac "Ike" before and suggested it to my husband, who immediately shot it down... Argh! Thanks so much for the help!
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    Still loving Charles/Chaz

    I like the suggestion of Patch for Patrick too!

    My husband's name is Timothy and I sometimes call him Moth or Mot
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    My brother is Patrick and goes by Paddy and Patch -- I love both nicknames. I actually love all of your choices! Timothy isn't my favorite, but Otter is such a cute nickname! I like Winston best with Francis, Henry, and Philip (all two-syllables, all have different endings), but I like Gus best with Frankie, Huck, and Flip.

    In order, my favorites are probably

    1. Winston "Win"
    2. August "Gus"
    3. Patrick "Paddy"
    4. Timothy "Otter"
    5. Charles "Chaz"
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    I like Patrick the most with your other boys names, but the only problem is I feel it's a little similar to Philip. So I would go with Charles.
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