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    First name for the middle name, "Moriarty".

    Hey there!

    So, I would to hear some suggestion for a girl who has the name "Moriarty" as her middle name. Which firstname could sound good with "Moriarty"? If it's not too much to ask for, it would be very nice if it was somewhat related to the moon. But really, any name fitting with "Moriarty" would be good

    Thank you so much!

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    Luna Moriarty
    Chandra Moriarty
    Artemis Moriarty
    Cynthia Moriarty
    Diana Moriarty
    Helen Moriarty
    Selene Moriarty
    Phoebe Moriarty
    Portia Moriarty
    Rhiannon Moriarty
    Theia Moriarty

    Amaya Moriarty
    Layla Moriarty

    Ayelet Moriarty
    Danica Moriarty
    Estelle Moriarty
    Lyra Moriarty
    Stella Moriarty
    Seren Moriarty

    Lucia Moriarty
    Gemma Moriarty
    Caroline Moriarty
    Isla Moriarty
    Veda Moriarty
    Ruby Moriarty
    Pearl Moriarty

    Good luck!
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    11,497 in Jim Moriarty? Or is it a family name?
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    I really like "Selene", "Lyra" and "Diana". Any think you are best for it?

    Also don't feel discouraged by this post, please keep on making new suggestions, they help me out a ton Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post in Jim Moriarty? Or is it a family name?
    This is what I first thought of. If you haven't heard of the character, he was Sherlock Holmes' nemesis.
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