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    Mason, Brenna and ....? Need help!

    Our baby is due in November and I find myself only thinking of girls' names! Time to get serious on the boys' side since we aren't finding out the sex. Thought we'd easily agree on a name for a boy but no sir.

    Some names that I like but my husband has vetoed:
    Samuel "Sam"

    Some names that he likes but I have vetoed:
    Dillon (was our boy choice when we had my daughter but I've since tired of it)
    McGuiver (seriously.. He may have had too many drinks when he suggested it but still!)

    Cole and Callum "Cal" are two names that we both like- just neither seem to be satisfying my husband enough to stick with one.

    We have a Mc last name and siblings are Mason and Brenna. Open to different styles but would like it to keep with the feel of the sibset a little bit. Also would love an Irish name! But we'll use an Irish middle if we don't find the right one for the first spot, so that's not mega important.

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