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Thread: Safina / Savina

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    Safina / Savina

    Hi Berries,

    I've just discovered Safina and Savina, I believe they're Italian variations of Sabine and Sabina.

    What do you think of them?

    Is Safina too close to Sophia to stand on it's own? Does Savina sound too much like Savannah? I wasn't looking for Sophia and Savannah alternatives but I do like both names which is probably why I'm drawn to Safina and Savina.

    Also, do you have a preference between the two names? I like both, I kinda like the nn Savi for Savina and Fina for Safina.

    Look forward to hearing what you think
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    Re: Safina / Savina

    The sounds are nearly identical, but for some reason I much prefer Safina. Savina's not bad, and I still like it, but I like Safina much more. I don't think it'll get confused with Sophia because the o vowel sound is so important to the name- Saphia sounds completely different from Sophia to my ears and the o sound really makes the name full and dynamic and appealing to me. Safina reminds me more of Serafina, but I don't think they'll be confused as Serafina is so rare.
    I don't think Savina will be confused with Savannah, either. The "Anna" sound is so recognizable, as is the "Ina" sound, that I doubt people will mistake one for the other. I also like Savina a lot more than Savannah. It's much more sophisticated!
    As a side note, I really like Sabine and Sabina as well- I guess I'm just a fan of the family!

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    Re: Safina / Savina

    I definitely like Savina better. Safina would get confused with Sophia I think. That being said, I like Sabina better than either name!
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    Re: Safina / Savina

    I like Safina a little better because it reminds me of Josephina/Josefina, which I really like. I don't think it will be misheard as Sophia but might be misheard as Sabine/Sabina. Do you like Josephina/Josefina?

    Best wishes!

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    Re: Safina / Savina

    I like them both, but I think I prefer Safina (which is strange, since I don't normally prefer names containing 'f'). Safina is actually very pretty, feels kind of exotic. It's like a simpler but equally pretty version of Serafina or Josephina. Me like : )

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