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    Opinions on Narrowed List..

    6 weeks and counting and still debating on names for our little boy. My DD name is Ellison Poe (she gets called Ellison, Ellie, and Ellie Poe pretty interchangably). I plan to go to hospital with a few choices, so I don't need a set decision, but am always looking for opinions and suggestions. So far, the top contenders are:

    Huxley King (nn Huck/Hux)
    Ozias Raymond (nn Ozzy)
    Wilder Twain

    Other potential names:
    Sullivan (nn Sully) - too much like Ellison/Ellie? Getting too popular?
    Vaughn - not sure how I feel about this. Some days I love it, sometimes it's just ok

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    To go with Ellison Poe, I like Ozias Raymond nn Ozzy. I think Ozias is interesting and different without being too out there. Wilder Twain would be my second pick.

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    I would go with Sullivan.

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    I love Wilder Twain and it is NOT my style at all! It's easy to sound pretentious when you use literary names, but I think this combo has a very earthy feel to it.
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    I think Sullivan and Ellison are too close in sound. Huxley stands out as the front runner for me. Huck or Hux are awesome nicknames.

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