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Thread: Thisbe Luna

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    I truly love Thisbe Luna.

    However, in the more practical sense, it has very similar vowel sounds to your Felicity. Doesn't seem like much now, but when someone is calling you through the house, sometimes that's all you hear.

    We had issues with my name (tressa) and a girl I lived with named Rebecca for this reason.
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    I like Thisbe, can live with Luna. I don't like the combo. It's too heavy on whimsy and airy-fairy-ness, and not grounded enough. It's a soufflé of a name.

    So, heavy, down to earth names to ground it (and some others):
    Thisbe Luna Sibyl (or Sybil)
    Thisbe Luna Geraldine
    Thisbe Luna Leopoldine
    Thisbe Luna Millicent
    Thisbe Luna Margaret
    Thisbe Luna Marguerite
    Thisbe Luna Myfanwy
    Thisbe Luna Meredith
    Thisbe Luna Morgause (You could go for Thisbe Luna Morgan, but I think Morgan (on a girl) is an atrocity. In my eyes only!)
    Thisbe Luna Vivian
    Thisbe Luna Victoria
    Thisbe Luna Gwendolyn
    Thisbe Luna Deidre
    Thisbe Luna Dominique
    Thisbe Luna Daphne
    Thisbe Luna Delphine
    Thisbe Luna Briseis
    Thisbe Luna Bernadette
    Thisbe Luna Bridget
    Thisbe Luna Winifred
    Thisbe Luna Wilhelmine
    Thisbe Luna Frederica
    Thisbe Luna Ottoline
    Thisbe Luna Jacqueline
    Thisbe Luna Maximilienne
    Thisbe Luna Agatha
    Thisbe Luna Rosalind
    Thisbe Luna Rosamund
    Thisbe Luna Constance
    Thisbe Luna Enid
    Thisbe Luna Edith
    Thisbe Luna Agnes
    Thisbe Luna Harriet

    It really needs something clunky and prettily un-pretty to ground it, or it'll all be a marshmallow fluff of a name. It's not horrible by any means, it's nice, it just needs something to make it a little less overly sweet.

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    It is a bit heavy on the magical feeling, so if I were to suggest an addition it'd be something grounded like
    Thisbe Luna Kate
    Thisbe Luna Jane
    Arden Thisbe Luna

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    Thisbe Luna is very whimsical! I think that adding something like Aurora makes it too sweeeet. I would look for a contrast like your choice of Tove or maybe Rue. Thisbe Luna Tove, Thisbe Luna Rue.

    I also like some of the combinations off of your list and DH's list:
    Laura Waverly Paige
    Phoebe Cordelia Paige
    Matilda (Tillie) Waverly Tove

    I like the way Jane sounds with many of the names too
    Cordelia Waverly Jane
    Phoebe Jane Tove
    Matilda Jane Tove /Tillie Jane Tove
    Laura Cordelia Thisby
    Freya Paige Thisby

    The cadence in Felicity Elizabeth Louise is lovely, matching it would be great.

    I will point out that kids will break up Thisbe to This Be as they learn to read. Also auto corrects will always be changing her name attempting to separate it into this and be.

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