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Thread: Geraldine?

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    Geraldine has always seemed so middle aged to me, but I recently reread Lord Edgeware Dies by Agatha Christie where Lord Edgeware has a daughter named Geraldine, and I've really warmed up to it. Her cousin calls her Dina (DEE-na), which I thought was a sweet nickname. It has the same sort of charm that Theodora does, I think. I crazy? Is Geraldine too dated, or could it come back?
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    I've warmed to Geraldine over the years too. It has its own vintage charm which I find appealing. Lately for some unknown reason, I've been thinking about a sister trio with the names Claudine, Georgette and Suzanne so Geraldine has the same vibe as those names! I love Agatha Christie mysteries. Geraldine also has a positive association for me. It was the name of one of the funniest woman I've ever met who died of cancer way too soon. Geraldine needs to be taken from the shelf and dusted off so she can shine again!
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    I don't think it's ready to come back. It's just too old-lady, like Gladys or Bertha. Just my opinion.

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    I don't care about old-ladyish. Geraldine is beautiful.
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    I like it, but can't get away from the Gerald part, which I don't think sounds pretty at all. That said, it has a strong, vintage sound to it, which I like. I'd only use it as a middle paired with something more feminine, though. (I like my frilly princess names )
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