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    Question Your opinions- just days until delivery

    Hi We have had the hardest time choosing a name for our little guy. His sister is Ava Grace and our last name is M.

    we like Mason Christopher M - the double M sounds nice, we think, but there are many drawbacks to this popular name, although we like it. I also like Carter, but hubby doesn't. Anyone else have thoughts on Mason or have another suggestion?

    <3 Shannon
    Mama to Ava Grace and baby boy on the way

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    We're due with a boy in November and have decided to name him Christopher so I love your middle name!

    Carter is just as popular as Mason, so I'd go with the name that you truly love.

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    Mason flows better with Ava and I LOVE Christopher.

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    I think Mason is perfect with Ava!

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    I agree, Mason Christopher sounds like the right choice!

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