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    Grade me! looking for feedback/opinions on my chlldren's names

    Hi all,
    What a lovely site this is!
    I've been readin freakonomics, and found the chapter on baby names a little frek-out-onomic!
    All the discussion about 'low income" names and more "elite' names, black names, white names was very thought provoking, and I wondered how people feel about the names I've chosen for my children.
    They are all family names, but we have a big family, so I could've made other choices! But I did think I'd get more honest opinions from strangers-people who are not afraid of offending me- I won't be offended, the eldest is 11, these names are SET!
    Be Honest please.
    Surname is Pierce.

    Eldest Girl- Sinead Mary-Agnes (Sinead was my favourite aunt's name as a child, and her middle names are my husbands and my own mother's names)
    Middle Girl- Maeve Ellen. (Mave being the only non-family name, and Ellen being mine!)
    Youngest (son) Henry James Gerard. We call him Harry though. There's been a harry in the last 3 generations on my mother's side, and again, both grandfathers as his middle names.

    What do you think?

    We live in Australia, so the girl's names are VERY unusual. People sem to love the name Maeve when they hear it though, I think it'll get more popular. She's 7 though, so she'll miss the Maeve surge!

    Thanks for your input!

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