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    Post Similar names with different imagery

    I was looking down another forum and one of the posts got me wondering: do you have any names that sound/look very similar, but that give you very different pictures in your head, or have a very different feel?

    For example: The name Annabel reminds me of dairy products, but the name Amabel makes me think of posy baskets and soft heather.

    Was just curious, and thought this might make an interesting thread.
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    Georgia makes me think of a preppy American girl, whereas Georgiana makes me think of a Georgian aristocrat.
    Natalie makes me think of a British teen, born in the late 90s, that's quite popular in school and very outgoing, whereas Natalia reminds me of a little Spanish girl.
    Stephen makes me think of a middle aged English man, whereas Stefan makes me think of a young man from central Europe.

    P.S This probably sounds a little creepy, but we're from the same part of the UK! I rarely ever meet people from the East Midlands online haha.
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