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    Post Biblical names when you're not religious

    Okay, so I love a lot of Biblical names, especially the slightly-less-mainstream ones (like Abram and Ezra). However, I'm an atheist and I feel like it would be odd to use names like that because most people know the more obscure ones solely as Biblical opposed to names like Samuel and Jacob which are very familiar to most people, theists and non-theists alike, and have a wider history of use separate from Christianity. I tend to avoid making combos like Ezra Malachi (for example) because I almost feel like it would be disrespectful of me if I named a child of mine something similar and then was like, "Oh, yeah, but I'm an atheist."

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    As a Christian, it would not offend me to meet a child with a Biblical name and the family were atheists. I would find it very strange as to why someone chose names that have such a tie to Christianity if they aren't Christians, but I would not find it offensive.

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    As a Christian, I wouldn't be offended. However, if I met a child with a lesser used biblical name like Malachi, for example, I would assume the family was Christian. But I see no problem with using the Bible as inspiration for names.
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    It wouldnt bother me at all. Even though Ezra is a biblical name...for all I know you could have named him after a family member or after a character in a book/movie. I wouldnt necessarily assume you're christian.

    I dont think its any different from someone choosing an Italian name when they have no Italian heritage. I mean, if you like the name then use it.

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    It doesn't offend me or bother me, but it does puzzle me when non-Christians use certain names, ones that are still deep-rooted in the Bible and aren't "mainstream" yet.

    By mainstream, I mean names like Sarah, Elizabeth, James and Peter, names which have become so ingrained in our society they are no longer just Biblical names.

    Examples of names which I still see as deep-rooted in the Bible are Ezra, Abraham, Esther and Miriam.
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