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    Girl name ideas??

    I'm looking for some new names to consider, and I'm hoping you guys will have some lovely ideas. I'm not really "against" common names, but I don't seem to like them as much in the long run. Other than that, my taste is very broad, so you can't go wrong with suggestions.

    For an example of names I like, some of my favorites atm are:

    Sansa Olivine
    Astoria Clio
    Kalindi Fern
    unpaired names: Fallon, Marlow, Alanis, Lavinia, Eleni, Maeve, & Tamsin.

    And, if you are feeling generous, any help on my boy name topic? That forum is definitely not as popular as Girl Names' is: Which MN do you like with Alfred? (suggestions welcome)
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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