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    Smile Help choosing boys name!


    I am currently 22 weeks with baby no 3, a boy!

    Hubby & my other boy (Haiden, 5) love Cooper & my pick is Grayson. Open to new suggestions can't find any other ones we like!

    Which do YOU prefer?? Cooper or Grayson?

    I don't like Cooper only because of the popularity in AU. I do however love the name Cooper Grey.

    Grayson is my number one at the moment but struggle to find a middle? Last name is bailey.

    Other kids names are Haiden James & Mila Poppy.

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    Mila Poppy .. Haiden James .. Expecting baby no.3 due November 23!

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    Not sure if it would work but what about Grayson Cooper Bailey or Cooper Grayson Bailey. My parents loved two different names and put them together to make a combo so each got what they wanted. And it worked.

    Haiden James, Mila Poppy, Grayson Cooper

    Haiden James, Mila Poppy, Cooper Grayson

    Yay or nay?
    Little Bird- 11.6.15

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    Out of those I prefer Cooper Grayson, I don't like cooper as a mn unfortunately.

    If we go with cooper the mn will most likely be grey.

    Thank you for your suggestions though Scarletsway!
    Mila Poppy .. Haiden James .. Expecting baby no.3 due November 23!

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    I like the idea of Grey as a middle name but am not that keen on Cooper or Greyson. I do LOVE Mila though.

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    Not a problem! If I had to choose a name for a first name I would go with Grayson. I like the sib set Haiden, Mila, and Grayson. I think they are super smooth all the way through and have the same vibe. I feel Haiden, Mila, and Copper sound off. Or like Cooper should not be in there. I do like Cooper Grey though if you were to choose Copper. If you need middles try:

    Grayson Edward Bailey
    Grayson Julian Bailey
    Grayson Miles Bailey
    Grayson William Bailey
    Grayson Levi Bailey
    Grayson Lucas Bailey
    Grayson Owen Bailey
    Grayson Jacob Bailey
    Grayson Thomas Bailey
    Grayson Alexander Bailey
    Grayson Jude Bailey
    Grayson Elliot Bailey
    Grayson Eli Bailey
    Grayson Elijah Bailey
    Grayson August Bailey
    Grayson Xavier Bailey
    Grayson Reese/Rhys Bailey
    Grayson Oliver Bailey
    Grayson Noah Bailey
    Little Bird- 11.6.15

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