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    Affectionate Masculine Nicknames

    I'm curious as to what everyone thinks of having nicknames that are unrelated to given names in cases of multiple family members sharing a name. William is a huge family name, and while I like the idea of naming a son William, I don't know if I would want another Bill/Will/Billy/Liam/etc running around.

    What do people think of a nickname, like Chip, Beau, etc even if the nickname doesn't connect to the family name? Does anyone have other nicknames they like?

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    I'm personally not such a fan of using the names of living relatives, there are about 16 generations of Johns in my family and I would honestly bang my head against a wall if my bf suggested it. That being said, if you're in love with William, use it! I would find it a little odd to have to explain why I call my child one thing but his actual name is something else, but that's just me. I recently learned that a nn for the third in line with a name is Tripp (triple), if you know what number William will be maybe you could make up a nn from that...
    Coraline "Corey", Georgiana "Georgie", Cecilia "Cici", Guinevere "Gwen", Rosamond "Rozz"

    Everett "Rhett", Quentin "Quinn", Cornelius "Coren", Cormac "Mac", Heath

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    My favorite boy name is actually more of a nickname. I love Huck. It is my all time favorite, and there isnt a long version of it that I like.

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    I personally love irrelevant nicknames ... or what seem to be irrelevant nicknames. I like nn's that just sort of happen and are unexpected instead of just shortening the names. The English are really good at endearing nicknames, I have to say. I find it adorable and fun and it will be a fun story to tell (theoretically).

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    I love irrelevant nicknames. There's a lot of stressing out on this website over nicknames, and I really wish that some parents would lighten up a bit and let their child's nickname come naturally.

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