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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    Though, honestly one of my biggest pet-peeves is when books have the name of the author larger than the name of the book. I honestly don't care who the author is, so filling the whole cover with their name and having to search around for the actual TITLE is ridiculous!
    Agreed. Your eyes are drawn to the biggest text on the page and it always looks wrong and unbalanced when the author's name is bigger than the title. It also feels like they're saying they're bigger than their story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bibliophile View Post
    It depends on the book. I like fantasy novels with longer or more whimsical names (like George R. R. Martin, or Cinda Williams Chima), maybe even some mysteries the same way. But generally it depends more on the name than the writing. Say you're writing a detective novel and your name is Jessica Annabelle Jones. J. A. Jones is a little more intriguing than Jessica Jones on a mystery. But on a chick-lit novel, J. A. Jones just looks pretentious.

    Sometimes you have a particular reason. For J. K. Rowling it was because the ambiguous initials didn't reveal whether she was male or female, and according to her publisher, books by men sell better. Other female writers, like E. L. Konigsburg, have done the same thing.
    I agree with this. It depends on the genre.
    But if you have a pen name you like, or want to use your name, then just use that. The author's name doesn't effect what books I buy. But it's a nice afterthought for me to see that there's a whimsical name on a fantasy book, or something rather mysterious on a detective novel, or something relatable on realistic fiction. But it's just that- an afterthought.
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    As long as everyone knows how to spell and say the name, I think it's a wonderful name.

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