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    We finally have an list of contenders! Thoughts?

    We're looking for a more formal-ish first name that has a quirkier nickname to go with our boys' names (Francis "Frankie", Henry "Huck" and Philip "Flip"). Here's our list so far, we would love any comments or suggestions you have

    Patrick "Paddy" (other nickname suggestions? I like Trick but am worried it's just way too much)
    George "Geo"
    Winston "Win"
    August "Gus"
    Edmund "Teddy" (Teddy is an accepted nn for Edmund, right?)
    Charles "Chaz" (we fell in love with Chuck but then realized it rhymes with Huck... ugh)
    Arthur "Artie" (I'm not sold on this but husband loves it)
    Francis Grover
    Henry Linus
    Philip Judah
    Charles Florian 8/1/13

    [Frankie, Huck, Flip & Chaz]

    Other favorites...
    Sylvia Maeve (Sylvie), Louisa, Elisa
    George, Timothy (Otter), Winston, August (Gus)

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    From your list of names and quirky nicknames that go well with sibs and I like best are (no particular order):
    Edmond- I think Teddy can be a nn why not? Better than Eddie.

    Not a fan:
    Arthur: I think of Arthur the aardvark from when I was a child.
    Patrick- I dislike nn potential and the name is eh.
    Winston- this may be weird but I can almost only picture this name on a dog.
    Charlie- I just have never been a fan and I think you have other great options.

    Hope this helps!
    Little Bird- 11.6.15

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    I like George, August, and Winston!

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    A cute nn for Patrick is Patch.

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    My favorite is Charles. Chaz is a great nn and you never know once he's here the fact that Chuck rhymes with Huck might not bother you or it might be a fun thing.
    I really think it goes the best with your sibset and is the most fun!

    George "Geo" would be my second pick.
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