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Thread: Triplet names

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    Triplet names

    This summer I've worked at a day care and today I met three triplet girls named Lola, Lilly, and Lucy.
    It got me thinking of what I would name my girls if I had triplets. What are your guys' thoughts on the similar names for twins or triplets?

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    I think it's silly really. They already share so much and now your going to give them similar names so they can be mixed up even more than they already will be? If I had triplets (which hopefully I won't) I would treat them like they were going to be individual births and give them each names that were distinctly different yet sounded good together because they would be said together a lot.

    That being said, I have best friends who happen to be fraternal triplet girls. There mom wanted their names all to start with a "K" to match hers but there dad wanted one of there names to start with the same letter as his, so two of them have names that match (with the exact same initials) and one has a completely different sounding name with completely different initials. They sound fine together but I always felt a little bad for the one sister because people would always ask her why her name doesn't start with a "K". So I think if you want to be matchy and similar then go all out and name all three similar names, and not just two similar and one different because the one could feel left out.
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    I hate it when people give multiples names they wouldn't give to just regular siblings. They already are going to have the same room, the same clothes (less so for boy/girl multiples but probably some sharing even then), the same peer group, the same classes and teachers all through high school. And even same sex fraternal twins can be hard for other, non-family members to tell apart. Why add one more thing to confuse them? Why do they always have to be part of a set? If i had multiples I'd give them the names I'd already picked out for a regular sib-set
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    I know three sets of triplets:
    Harper, Eloise and Vivia. I really love the sound of their names together. Eloise and Vivia are identical and Harper is fraternal, but they're like the Olsen twins, it's hard to believe that they're not all identical.

    Gabrielle, Abigaille and Tabian. Also known as Gabby, Abby and Tabby. I like their names (not so sure about how they spelled Abigaille), but I don't like how similar their nicknames are. They're also always dressed the same and have their personal colours. Gabby's only in purple and light blue , Abby's only in orange and red, and Tabby's only in dark blue and green. Gabby and Abby are identical and Tabby is their fraternal brother.

    Persephone, Demeter and Khione. I like their names because, they don't really sound alike, but they're names of Greek Goddess, so they have that main thing in common. They're only 10 months, but as far as we know they're all identical.
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    Lola, Lilly, and Lucy are sweet. A bit matchy for me, but still sweet. If I had twin girls, they'd be Isabelle, Arianne, and Olivia, without a doubt. All feminine, girly, even, but not over-the-top frilly. Plus, I like the Biblical ties in each, and I love all three together. I can just imagine me with a Bella, an Ari, and a Livy. I would love it.

    I wouldn't make them matchy, but I would use names I really loved.

    I have only known/known of one set of triplets:

    Helena Kate, Nora Violet, and Anna Joyce. I didn't really keep in contact with their mom after they were born, but I think she had the intention of calling Helena and Nora a smoosh of their names for nns--Hattie for Helena, and Novi for Nora. So it would have been Hattie, Novi, and Anna.
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